Full Grooms – We have the ability to groom any breed of dog to your specifications.  We have done fancy show cuts on dogs to keep them looking fashionable.  We also do a lot of shave downs and tidying up for pets to keep them cool during the summer, or just to keep their coat manageable.  We offer a feet, face, and fanny which is just a trim of their private area to keep it clean when they use the bathroom, keep the face shaped up, and clean the fur out of the paw pads.  We are happy to groom to your specifications.  We have many people bring in pictures, calendars, or even bags of dog treats with how they want their dog to look. Any groom includes a bath, nail trimming, ears cleaned out, and the anal glands expressed if needed.

Nail Trimming – We offer both nail cutting and nail filing.  You don’t have to make an appointment to get your dog’s nails trimmed.  Just stop in and they can be done while you wait!

Specialty Baths – We offer many different specialty baths.  We have a regular bath if you just want your dog washed after a play in the mud, but we also offer a skin-moisturizing oatmeal bath, a pesticide-free flea and tick bath, a medicated bath to help sooth your pup’s irritated skin, and a de-shed bath to help get out that winter coat that is falling all over your house.  If you’re not sure what you need, our groomers will be happy to help you choose one.  All of our shampoos are all-natural and made from organic ingredients.

Cat Grooming – Our Palafox and Michigan locations offer cat grooming.  They can give your cat a shave-down to keep them cool during the summer months, bathe them, or just give them a brush-out if you need.  All cats must have an appointment.

Spa Packages – We offer customizable spa packages.  The spa package includes your choice of a specialty shampoo, nail filing to round out those rough scratchy nail tips, a breath-freshening dental foam, and a blueberry facial which also acts as a coat brightener and is tear-free.  This is an add-on to your groom that is well worth the experience.


We do take walk-ins, but to insure your pet gets a spot for the day and is in and out quickly, it’s always best to make an appointment ahead of time.