Allergy Season Special

If you came to one of the shops last month, you probably heard about our Dead Sea Mud Mask included in our Allergy Season Skincare Special.  Allergy season is still upon us, and we are having such great reviews from it, that we decided to carry it for another month!

We have been using this special on our own dogs with great success. It really does soothe them. We bring in our pups with red raw skin, and they come home with calmed-down white healthy skin.

Our vet has also recommended to help our pups with a good rubdown of coconut oil in between baths.  Too many baths can wash the natural oils from the dogs’ skin and lead to, you guessed it, more itching. You can also wipe their bellies in between baths with a cool damp cloth to help keep the allergens off of their skin before using the coconut oil.

To help soothe your baby, this Allergy Season Skincare Special includes:

Hypoallergenic shampoo made with jojoba oil, avocado oil, and aloe vera

Dead Sea Mud Mask – this the real star in this special. It calms and soothes their skin with Dead Sea Minerals. It’s no secret that Dead Sea minerals help skin conditions. Dogs are no exception.

Dental foam – for fresh smelling breath

Nail Dremel – this will help your pup’s nails not be so sharp, so when they do scratch they’re not tearing into their skin so much

This special is available at all of our locations. It is an add-on to a basic bath or groom for $15.00.

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  1. This place is awesome! We took our little puppy in to get a bath, flea dip, and her nails cut and they were super friendly-Bethany i believe is the gals name that took her in and she was very kind and super friendly! When we picked our dog up she was clean and smelled wonderful and had the cutest little scarf on! Her nails were the best we’ve ever seen done! The gentleman that brought her out was super nice and you can tell he has been doing this a long time and loves it! We will definitely be bringing her back! Thank you to all of you folks at Blue Angel on Dog Track Rd!

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