About Us

When we opened Blue Angel Pet Salon, we wanted a place where we would feel comfortable bringing our own pets, which is why we designed our shops the way we did. Each of your pets gets their own spacious private area while they wait their turn to be groomed, picked up by their owner. Full service pet grooming for your dog or cat should not be a source for anxiety for dogs, cats or owners.
We also never force a pet into a groom. Many dogs are nervous to be groomed, and we have found that being calm, and grooming the dog as much as they allow us to is really the best policy, especially when trying to get a pet warmed up to grooming. This also helps prevent those unwanted cuts or rashes from scissors or a razor. Sometimes if a dog is extremely nervous about being groomed, our groomers put the pet into their pen with a blanket so they can rest and settle down before attempting to groom the pet any further. This also happens during boarding if a dog is just too nervous to go outside. We won’t “man-handle” the dog, but instead speak to the dog calmly and sometimes let the dog wait until they are comfortable to go outside.  We love animals and we treat your dog or cat with as much love as we would our own.  We understand that these are special members of your family, and we treat like members of ours.
We choose our dog and cat grooming products with care. We are very particular about which shampoos and styling products we use on your pets. All of the shampoos we utilize are always all-natural and made from organic ingredients. Also, our flea and tick shampoo is pesticide free. We don’t put anything on your pets that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on our own pets. After all, we get our dogs groomed here as well.
We strive to make every pet AND client completely comfortable while under our care.