Our boarding facility, behind the Dog Track Road grooming salon, was custom-built to our specifications.  We wanted a safe, secure, fun, roomy place we would feel comfortable leaving our pets.  Each dog, or family of dogs, has their own large private area.  No cages here!  They get their own rooms!  The interior of our kennel is kept at a comfortable 73 degrees during the summer, and heated during the winter.  Most kennels have access to a doggy door in the back of their room.  Going through the doggy door, your pet will have access to their own private patio. We also provide kennels without the patio, for owners who do not want their pets to be able to go outside.

If you have one dog, or five dogs, you are more than welcome to keep your family all in the same room together to help prevent separation anxiety. Each dog is also let out several times a day into our play yards.  If you have a small breed, you can have them socialized with other small breeds upon request at no extra charge.  The dog socialization is highly monitored, and the moment we see another dog not being friendly, they are immediately pulled from the group. We are very particular about the cleanliness of our kennel, and it doesn’t ever smell like a dirty dog or like a dog-bathroom!

What to bring – Please bring your dog’s own food.   We don’t want any upset stomachs while they come to the kennel, while they are already out of their element and away from you.  You are more than welcome to bring a blanket, bed, or even a crate to make them feel more at home.  Many people also bring toys and treats for their pals.  You have plenty of space, so make it yours!

Please also make sure that you bring proof that your dog has had Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper vaccinations within the past year. If you don’t have proof, we are more than happy to call and verify with your vet.  Although we clean our kennel daily with a product designed to kill these awful diseases, this is just another way to help us protect your pets.

We are happy to take in any breed.

Pick up and drop off for boarding is Monday – Sunday 7:00AM – 11:00AM and 3:00PM – 5:00PM.

Please call for a Kennel Tour!  We LOVE showing off our one-of-a-kind facilities!